Ali Halley

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Printmaking, Publishing, Textiles
I have a background in fabric and stitch, bringing interior designers’ ideas to life. After a Degree in Textile Design, I progressed from textiles to bookbinding, adding paper and leather to fabric and thread.

My practice involves mastering natural materials, integrating my own artwork and print, combining experimental and traditional techniques to produce tactile, collectable books and textiles.

Inspiration is found in the colour, design, and forms of nature, with weathered and timeworn buildings that so often coexist; ideas are captured through sketches and photography which are developed into pattern and print.

Treasured texts, sketchbooks, logbooks, albums, poems, artworks, can be given a bespoke binding reflecting content and owner.
Design bindings are an opportunity to reflect the content of a book through the cover design. They are unique and collectable, taking months to complete through a design process of sketches, experiments, and liaising with the client.