Belladonna Paloma

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Digital, Painting, Printmaking
Belladonna Paloma is an artist, poet & witch living in Shetland, UK. She paints, tattoos, writes poetry, and makes computer games. Her work is into listening to faeries, how divination disturbs linear time, grief rituals, toilets and necromancy. Bella makes art as acts of devotion. This devotion has recently been centred on Shetland’s boglands, and wetlands more generally, continuing her interest in the politics and mysticism of waste.

Recent projects include: The Flowering Milk of The Boghead, computer game presented as part of the Vital Capacities online exhibition, ‘Gateways’ (current); The Well of Sickness Shimmering, computer game made in collaboration with Uma Breakdown exploring the folklore of holy wells (launching Autumn 2023 at The Overkill Festival, Netherlands); Bog-lore, solo exhibition at Gaada, Shetland (March 2023); Descent to Kilgrimol Rx, solo exhibition at Abingdon Studios, Blackpool (2022).