Dirk Robertson


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Drawing, Painting, Sculpture
Dirk is a Shetland born painter steeped in an ancient culture of folklore spans that spans as far back as Viking times.  His contribution to the tradition of story telling is to illustrate the old tales in rich colourful acrylic.  Dirk brings to life encounters with malevolent monsters, benevolent music-loving trolls, sea-dwelling giant beasts and ghoulish warnings from the other side.

Dirk focuses on painting acrylic on canvas, occasionally dipping into large-scale mural artworks in Scotland and New Zealand. His visual style is heavily inspired by surrealist and fantasy artwork of the 70s and 80s, the kind you would find on movie posters, album covers or board game box art. He strives to make art that would have gripped his own attention when he was a child, images that are undeniable and clear in their intent.